Participation: Open to all OM and YL in the world.

Period: From 00.00 UTC of February 1st, 2021 to 23.59 UTC of February 28th, 2021.

Bands: All the allowed amateur radio bands.


Points: Each QSO with a member of ARI Perugia is valid for 1 point. Contacts with IQ0PG station will give 5 points. The same station can be contacted more than once as long as there is a variation of date, band or mode.
The updated list of Ari Perugia Club members is available in the Activators page in the website – ​​in the same site, by consulting the Real-Time LOG section, any user will be able to view active operators and immediately check the QSO on most activations.

Reports: Each activating station will pass RST.

Call: SSB call will be “CQ ARI PERUGIA AWARD”, CW call will be “CQ ARIPG”.

Points needed to obtain the award: In order to apply for diploma, you will need:

  • all Italian stations at least 20 points;
  • all European stations at least 15 points;
  • all other stations at least 10 points.

Ranking by categories: A global ranking will be available for stations obtaining the highest score in each of the following categories:

  • OM SSB
  • OM CW
  • YL MIXED (YLs should declare the category by writing an eMail message to )

The first classified station in each category will receive the paper award for free. The top three stations (absolute score), regardless of category, will receive a prize offered by the club.

How to apply for the award: The awards can be downloaded for free in electronic format on the page by filling in a specific form and following the appropriate link in the website (will be published at the end of the activation month, after log checking).
The award printed on high-quality support can be requested by filling out a special form on the page and by paying via Paypal € 10 for Italian OM / YL or € 15 for foreign OM / YL.

For more information please refer to