The 75th ARI PERUGIA Award is over!

The A.R.I. Perugia Staff has carefully analyzed all the activators logs and waited the necessary time to collect any correction request of the OnLine log ( ) – no competitor requested corrections or reported missing QSOs in relation to what has been logged by the activators.

The only variation in relation to the global rankings is due to the commendable renunciation of his ranking/position of our member Roberto IK0VSY, we would like publicly thank for his renounce to the first place obtained in the diploma in order to give much more opportunities to those who have worked the Perugia Staff from higher distances in all categories – Great spirit of collaboration and commendable decision made for ARI Perugia with a great Ham-Spirit!

The total number of QSOs registered in the activation month is 25563, a really good result for all activators, who are committed to allow OMs from all over the world to contact all A.R.I. Perugia stations.

Final Ranking Follows:

MIXED – All Bands:
1. IZ0MQN (Ivo) – Perugia – Italy
2. I6EDC (Eugenio) – Chieti – Italy
3. ON7KR (Rudi) – Hoeleden – Belgium

SSB – All Bands:
1. I6EDC (Eugenio) – Chieti – Italy

CW – All Bands:
1. IZ0MQN (Ivo) – Perugia – Italy

Digital – All Bands:
1. ON7KR (Rudi) – Hoeleden – Belgium

YL – MIXED – All Bands:
1. OE6BID (Barbara) – Bruck an der Mur – Austria

Best compliments to all winners, already contacted for confirmation and acceptance of the obtained result, by IQ0PG staff and by the Board of Directors of A.R.I. of Perugia!

We remind to all participants that it’s always possible to generate and download the obtained diploma from the IQ0PG OnLine platform: .

We would like, again, to thank for the precious collaboration FlexRadio Italia, Pro.Sis.Tel. and DXPT for supporting the diploma.

The IQ0PG Staff